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How Did We Start?

We design the best product for you. We create it best when we start to craft it. Enjoy your ABYSSAL products by time goes!

“Long life aging” Voila! those have inspired us on producing the great products made by leather. Since, leather had been used from the very beginning of human civilization, and up to now, it is still widely used in all over the world. Known as luxurious-aging ability as the time goes by. From a little acorn, by only using the simplest tools, ABYSSAL leatherwork has been offering you the elegant and unique leatherwork. Up to now, ABYSSAL becoming oak and dares to present more exquisite products with lovely seasonally designs.

ABYSSAL has since branched out in presenting and offering you costum leather bracelets, fancy camera straps, elegant wallet, brave shoes and also magnificent bags. for the next project ABYSSAL build a bunch creativity on it. All of these branches have been made for you from the deepest heart to please your taste of fineness and sublimity. Last but not least, we welcome you to ABYSSAL where we are looking forward to accept story, impression, critics and advances of you. Etiquette from us.